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 Tropical fish are harder to keep than coldwater fish.They have shorter lives and are less sturdy.


Some kinds of Tropical fish.

Neons and Cardinals

These two stunning sorts of fish are remarkably similar  the  electric blue and green stripe is very similar but its red stripe is a bit diffirent because the neon has a stripe that goes half way down its body and the cardinal has it the  full way down.Cardinals also tend to grow bigger.  



Unfortuntly most kinds of this species are vicious and will eat each other such asw the tiger barb and the rosy barb. But do not let this put you off them because the are some that are not vicious such as the golden barb which is seen above.


Crabs and lobsters.

These are fascinating to watch, but can cause panic,say they got out.They also can need special salt. Crabs need to have some way of getting out of the water, that is secure so they cant get out.The average size for a crab depends on what sort you have. I would say that the average size for the little sorts can get to about 5cm (2in).And the big sorts about 10cm (4in).The lobsters averagesize is 20cm (8in) but they can get very large!



Shrimps unfortunately usually hide, and you dont see them much. But when they do come out, they are fascinating. And most of them eat algae so they help clean your tank.There average size is from about 5 to 7.5cm (2 to 3in) and they are fine for beginners.


There are lots of different kinds of loaches, and they are nice fish . They do something very helpful for your tank as well, they clean it for you.Of course this does not mean that you dont have to do any work.It simply means that they eat algae,there size depends on what sort you have.The big sorts such as the clown loach can reach about 30cm (12in).And the little sorts can reach about 10cm (4in).



These sorts of fish are handy fish to have around the tank,because they eat the fish food  that the other dont want.But they have very limated colours, and are usually found in black, grey or white.There size depends on what sort you have ,the big sorts such as a walking catfish can grow up to about a metre.And the small ones about 5cm (2in).


Water snails

These are not really fish,neither are they tropical fish. Because they can be kept in goldfish tanks,as well as tropical tanks.But can not be kept with marine.One sort of snail is brown and  you often get free.It comes in with plants, because the plants are covered with their eggs.The other sort is a golden snail. Both have the handy habit of eating algue.The golden snail can reach a size of about 5cm (2in),and the other brown sort about 2cm (1.25in).They are brilliant for beginners and do not require any special feeding though do need green algae.

Angel fish

These fish are not the sort of fish that like to be with any other fish apart from there own kind. They will eat any other sort of fish as long as there smaller than they are.Because there average size is 20cm (8in).



This fish comes in many colours, and is fairly stocky.They are also live breeders,the way to tell if they are male or female is,the males dorsal fin sticks straight up,(like a sail.)


This sort of fish is naturally dark green, but aqurium cultivated strains show many bright colour forms in the male fish. They are also live bearers,and can reach ihe size of about 3cm (1.2in).


These fish are brilliant fish for begginers. They are live bearers so it makes them easy to breed. They come in many colours and there average size is 10cm (4in).

Siamese fighting fish

The male of this specimen has long red fins.And when it sees another one of its kind it flairs these up to warn them not to come near .But they will fight so dont keep to males together.A male and a female which does not have the fins are usually all right together.Should avoid putting them with male guppies as they sometimes mistake them for male fighters.They will grow to 6 cm (2 2/5 in),and are better for the advanced fish keeper.


These fish are very easy to keep, as long as you dont keep two males together.They dont like having strong filters, so if you are keeping them dont have a strong filter. There average size depends on which sort you get for the little sort about 5cm (2in),the middle sort 7.5cm (3in) and big 10cm (4in).


  Tropical Fish
This is a golden barb, at the front, and behind is a shoal of seven neon tetras. And next to the Golden Barb there is a Rosy Barb.