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Tropical fish, fancy goldfish, goldfish, goldfish food, fish foodTropical fish, fancy goldfish, goldfish, goldfish food, fish food
Tropical fish, fancy goldfish, goldfish, goldfish food, fish food goldfish, fancy goldfish, fish food



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fancy goldfish, fish food, goldfish food, water quality tests, aquarium water test kits


goldfish food, fancy goldfish

There are lots of different kinds of fish tanks available. It is important to look for good value, but also features which will make for easy maintenance and a practical long term home for your fish.  This page should help you choose the right tank to meet your needs.



The size of the fish tank you choose, should depend on the number and size of fish you are intending to keep in your tank. As a rough guide,  you should have 1 gallon of water for every inch of fish (body).

An "all in one" tank

All in one tanks are sold in many pet stores. They include a tank with a filter and a light and if its a tropical or Marine tank. it will have a built in heater.These tend to be small volume tanks and are suitable for beginners or small mixed aquarium. The problem is its hard to find a big all in one tank.

Poor Vitality due to water quality issues are common in new and established tanks. Experienced fish keepers know to regularly test for common problems such as acidity (pH) ammonia, nitrites and Nitrate levels. Bensfish offers a range of easy to use simple dip & read tests for aquarium water quality,so that you dont have to buy 1 of all of these the best way is to buy an aquarium 5 pad test which cothers Ammonia,Nitrate, acidity (ph) and nitrite.Underneath here it gives you the option to buy the 5 pad test.



 Aquarium 5 pad tests

50 test strip vials 7.99

Aquarium water quality tests Quick Easy & Accurate.

Five tests on each dip strip Great value

  • Acidity pH from 6.4 to 8.4
  • Alkalinity Carbonate hardness from 0.00 to 360
  • Water Hardness from 0.00 to 500
  • Nitrate from 0.00 to 500ppm
  • Nitrite from 0.00 to 25 ppm

    Buy Aquarium 5 pad tests

  • Ammonia tests

    50 test strip vials 5.99

    Aquarium water quality test results made easy and fast

    Quantative test results for Ammonia levels on a single dip test

    Easy to interpret results with Ideal, stress and danger indicators

    Great value 50 test strip vials

  • Ammonia from 0.00 to 6ppm

    Buy Ammonia water tests


    Plastic Tanks

    Tanks made out of plastic are not long lasting they break very quickly if you are rough with them. They are usually small volume tanks. The big advantage is they are usually cheap. I use plastic tanks to raise fry in.

    Glass Tanks

    I feel that glass tanks are a lot better than plastic. They are much more hardwaring and you can get them in much bigger sizes. One disadvantage is that they are a lot heavier. Also they cost a lot more than plastic tanks. Make sure that all tanks are well supported as the combined weight of glass and water is very great.

    Tall or wide?

    You can keep much more fish in a tank which has a large surface area,  for this reason you should avoid tall thin tanks. Surface area is how much water is exposed to the air, as this determins the natural oxygenation that can occur. Tall tanks will require extra aeration if they are to support the same volume of fish.

    What sort of fish?

    Some fish need more room than others. Say we had a 1800cm squared surface area.

    Amount of Marine fish in that tank = 1`15cm marine fish.

    Amount of Goldfish in that tank = 2  11.5cm goldfish.

    Amount of  tropical fish in that tank = 4 15cm tropical fish.  


    Fish Bowls

    I would advice you not to buy a fish bowl. They are not very good for fish.








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