Tropical fish, fancy goldfish, goldfish, goldfish food, fish foodTropical fish, fancy goldfish, goldfish, goldfish food, fish food
goldfish, fancy goldfish, fish food




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Choosing your  fish

You can buy your Goldfish from a good pet shop, a garden centre or from a fish-keepers club. Before you buy any fish, check that they are healthy. Chose a fish with bright, clear eyes and shiny skin .It should not be slow- moving ,or have damaged fins and , white spots and try and not pick a fish in a tank with dead fish in.

Cleaning the tank.

It is important to look after your tank to keep your fish healthy. Every day, check that the water is clean and your fish are swimming about. Your fish will quickly become ill in a dirty tank. Every two weeks, change part of the water in the tank with a siphon that sucks up all the debris. Take about a tenth of the water off. Clean the tank thoroughly. Cut back any plants that have grown too tall or bushy, and clean off any green slime off the inside of the glass with a scraper.

Poor Vitality due to water quality issues are common in new and established tanks. Experienced fish keepers know to regularly test for common problems such as acidity (pH) ammonia, nitrites and Nitrate levels. Bensfish offers a range of easy to use simple dip & read tests for aquarium water quality,so that you dont have to buy 1 of all of these the best way is to buy an aquarium 5 pad test which cothers Ammonia,Nitrate, acidity (ph) and nitrite.

Your pet fish

Goldfish make great pets and are fun to keep. But you must care for them properly. Your Goldfish will depend on you for all its needs. If you go on holiday make sure that someone looks after your Goldfish. Always make sure that your Goldfish has the right food and that its tank is clean


Feeding time

You can buy special goldfish food from a pet shop. you can also give your fish some lettuce or spinach leaves. Special fish flakes give your fish all the goodness they need. Feed your fish once a day. Take care not to give your fish to much food. It can turn bad and poison the water. Watch your fish swim to the surface and gobble up there food.


This is George he is  a Pearlscale he  is a member of the fancy Goldfish family. The Pearlscale has lots of pearl like scales, they can live for 25 years.  The crowned Pearlscale has a little bobble hat on his head. They can come in all different colours and are very peaceful Fish.


Healthy fish

Goldfish are very healthy pets if you care for them properly. If you think your goldfish looks ill call a vet or visit your local aquarium shop they will be able to tell you what is wrong with your fish. They will be able to advise you on treatment  If your fish seems to be moving slowly, it may not be well. Drooping fins or white spots on its skin are also signs of illness.


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Setting up a goldfish Tank

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